Hi I'm Erin Passarello. I'm a mountain biker, licensed physical therapist, and certified CranioSacral Therapist. I'm also a traditional belly dance instructor. I've been a physical therapist since 2010.

We all like to ride, right? And we probably want to keep riding as long as possible, right? Welp, I've noticed that many of my biker friends don't stretch or know why its important. There are other ways to take care of the body as well, so I've developed a course for how to take care of our bodies when off the bike.

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Stretch! Damn It!

Restorative Education and Self-treatment for Cyclists

Wake up! Let's go ride.... AND then stretch mother f****r. My name is Erin Passarello, and I'm a licensed physical therapist and certified CranioSacral Therapist. I've been in practice since 2010, and I'm a mountain biker. I find that many of my biking friends tend to not do anything to restore the body after biking or even know WHAT to do, so I thought an online course would be a great way to teach as many people as possible about: muscle, fascia, different types of stretches, self-treatments, and joint health. You ALSO get an entire lower extremity stretching routine. :) Yay!

PS I'm also a dance instructor, so I use certain aspects of traditional belly dance as a bonus in this course to provide more options for spine flexibility and core activation.